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‘Could you play the song again?’
‘That one.’
‘I don’t know. I haven’t, since.’
Fingon tentatively begins picking out the tune. Coming into his stride, he starts to sing the words, his voice a little strained. Maedhros joins him on the chorus. They sing one stanza together, strong and clear. In the middle of the next verse, Fingon falters. Maedhros goes on until the end of the next verse after that; then he stops, too. Fingon slowly but doggedly continues playing the tune.
Maedhros comes and sits beside him on the floor, leaning his head against his knee. Fingon hits a wrong note and stops playing altogether, his hands motionless on the strings. They sit that way.



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Henrietta Himring
...the basics on myself:
I've been a fan of Tolkien's writings for practically forever.
I've been writing Silmarillion fan fiction for more than a year.
My fan fiction is published mainly on the Silmarillion Writers Guild site.
I've been following Silmarillion Club and Elves of Tolkien for a while.
I'm collecting pictures of my favourite elves.
If I faved you, thank you very much for drawing one of them!
Gwailome's is translating Sky's novel Tengwa Malta, a Silmarillion fan fiction novel about Maedhros, son of Feanor, set both in the First Age and in modern Russia.

Teaser: Ride in the Forest (Mithrim):
Tengwa malta. Ride in the forestCharacters: Maedhros and Fingon
Scenery: First Age, Lake Mithrim, after the rescue from Thangorodrim
We're riding on horseback through the autumn forest, biting up the leaves. They are rustling and giving off a scent – wet and somewhat bitter. Findekano calls them:  oak leaves. I take it on trust because I have forgotten the names of many things.
My cousin is keeping beside me all the time – he is afraid I can't handle the reins.
I cannot get used at all to how long his hair has become. If braided it runs down almost to the saddle and if loose even further down. A river of hair. When Findekano puts on his helm he winds it around his head and pins at the back of his neck. It looks very funny. Like a pie. I'd be glad to do the same but it's a long way to the pie for me – my disheveled locks barely reach my shoulders and below the ears curl relentlessly.
"Are you not tired?"
Finyo's braids and the whole mass of his hair are bouncing as he goes and from the very start of the ride I've been

Tengwa malta. IntroductionFrom the author
Disclaimer: all rights belong to J.R.R. Tolkien and his heirs
About the text: It's not slash. It's not apocryphal. Originally the book took its aim in more detailed reconstruction than in the Silmarillion of the memories of one particular character: Maitimo (Maedhros). However, soon many other persons connected with him entered the book, each of them possessing their own tale.
As the author of the text I should say that since I started working on it I've been having a sensation that I've been "just writing down". Everyone will have to decide for themselves whether to believe me or not. For my part, I hope that this writing will help people to get closer to the characters of the Silmarillion or find in them a new joy or a new inspiration, just as it once happened to me.

First chapter:
Tengwa malta-1"There, unseen by others, from now on
They are ruling undividedly…"
(Lora Bocharova, They)
I wake up because something metallic is pushing my knee. When you're riding the subway and you're on your feet and it's early in the evening, there's nothing strange about that. But when you're sitting and it's half an hour to midnight and the carriage is almost empty… I open my eyes a little and see a scabbard. A long black scabbard with the thick hilt of a great sword sticking out of it.
Here we are.
The scabbard is tightly belted to a black velvet surcoat. The surcoat is long and embroidered in silver. Down below, very close to my feet, standing solidly on the swaying floor, there are two giant feet in muddy leather boots. It's obvious I've got nowhere to run, it's silly to pretend I'm still sleeping - so I raise my head.
Above me, like a mountain over an ant, towers a great warrior with dark-red hair reaching down almost to his buttocks. He is so tall that the horizontal handrail above is


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